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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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ss by and wave. he left here about 5:15 p.m. this afternoon. this is video we took of his motorcade. in the direction of nob hill. that is where he is staying at the fairmont hotel. he arrived after 4:00 p.m. to greet 60 toners who paid $10,000 to $32,000 for dinner and a photo and a question and answer session. they said there were a lot of people who were eager to hear from him. security around the house was tight with streets blocked off. it was hosted by a tech investor and his wife and some of the people who waited outside say they were glad they were not disappointed. >> i actually saw his face look at us and wave. that is all i want. i mean, it was a big deal. >> reporter: one thing that was interesting to me, i so no sign of protesters here -- i saw no
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sign of protesters here. he was going back to his hotel but the night is still young and he has been known to make it spontaneous stops. we will bring you an update tonight on ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. now to ktvu's azenith smith live at stanford. >> reporter: the president said everyone is online and that means everyone is vulnerable. he is hoping summits will keep the ball rolling and providing more safe guards for the american people. >> trying to figure out why it is that a nice place like this is wasted on young people. >> president obama started his speech cracking jokes. the place that made nerd cool. then his speech turned serious.
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notice vulnerable online is getting worse. >> one of the great paradoxes of our time. the technologies that empower us to do great good can also be used to unmine us. and inflict great harm. . >> reporter: he dressed a need to work together a-- addressed the need to work together. he ended his speech by signing a executive order encouraging and promoting sharing information to prevent and respond to cyber attacks. >> empowered the young generation of students to promote change. >> students picked by a lottery picked to watch the speech said the president was inspirational. he recognized that but said it was meant to be a first step as he looks to make cyber security a national priority this year. >> will it solve the problem?
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absolutely not. we need legislation to do certain things. he can't do by himself. >> reporter: apple ceo took to the stage prior to the president's speech. however absent ceos from facebook, google and yahoo. back to you. >> big names missing there today. thank you. when the president is in town no one is allowed to fly in the area for security reasons. a temporary flight restricted area but today a small plane flew into the secure area before 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. it was out of communication with air traffic control. it was followed by the fighter jets till it landed in half moon bay. once on the ground those on board were met by the sheriff's deputies sheriff's deputies and the secret service. go to for more on the president's bay area visit.
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you will find it on our home page. a link right there. now to a weather alert ahead of a warm, beautiful holiday weekend. officials are warning anyone who may be heading to the beach to be careful because we could see sneaker waves as high as 10 feet. this beach hazard alert is in effect through tomorrow afternoon. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with us. >> looks like it will be a fabulous weekend. the sneaker waves are dangerous. >> the reason why they unleashed this is because i think the warm weather, all the people in the city flocking to the beaches. the surf is not that giant. 8-10-foot. coming down. but with this warm weekend record highs today on tap for the weekend, i think folks are worried about the rip currents at ocean beach, san francisco,
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pacifica. swells dropping quickly. sets will be 10 food. you get temperatures can, these are the highs highs -- temperatures like these, these are the highs. just be safe. good size swell for warm weather. it is big stuff. when i come back we will talk more about the records we saw today, the records this weekend and is it going to rain? all that after the break. new at 6:00 p.m. four years after a house fire that claimed the lives of two san francisco firefighters researchers say there are lessons that could be learned. new research is shedding light on what went wrong in the deadly fire in 2011. ktvu's gasia mikaelian is in the news room with more, including video simulation on what went wrong. >> reporter: the study says it was a blast of super heated air that killed two san francisco firefighters who responded to a
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house fire in 2011. >> reporter: from the outside it doesn't look like one of san francisco's most devastating fires but inside this house in 2011 flames claimed the lives of two firefighters. researchers released the results of a computer based fire study meant to help the san francisco fire department determine what went wrong. >> 10:45 a.m. in the morning a call was dispatched for a fire due to an electrical short. >> reporter: the importance of establishing on how heat and gases flow before mounting an attack. the home had four levels. researchers found the basement windows near where the fire began blew out, transforming a stair well into a chimney for hot gases that poured on to the first floor where the
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firefighters were found. >> engine 26 remained in position leading into the basement. this was the last communication with the crew members inside of the structure. >> reporter: the pictures of the fire show what happened when the windows broke due to heat from the fire. fresh air mixes with gases increasing the heat release rate and the flames just explode. >> conditions change from tenable to untenable within seconds. >> reporter: after that firefighters trying to get in are forced back by heavy black smoke. firefighters can't be expected to predict structural failures but it does stress the importance of sizing up the scene before beginning interior operations. >> firefighters positioned in the flow path above the fire are in a high dezed and deadly
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location. -- hazard and deadly location. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead after his arrival at the hospital and he died two days later. >> gasia mikaelian in the news room. thank you. a report finds san francisco police acted in self- defense when they shot and killed a 28-year-old man last year. that report details the deadly shooting of alejandro nieto last march. among the findings, police told him to show his hands but he scared off in a defensive stance adrew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at the officers. friends say police should have been able to recognize he was holding a taser. >> everybody else opened fire. pop, pop, pop, pop, and killed him. they killed him. that is murder. >> four officers fired 48 rounds. 20 witnesses were interviewed
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as part of the report. many said he was handling what appeared to be a gun. police in oakland are investigating an officer involved shooting that sent a man to the hospital. it happened at 9:40 a.m. this morning. neighbors reported a man walking around with a knife and acting erratically. police say the man refused to drop the weapon. one officer fired hitting the man. he was taken to the hospital. his mother tells aus he is in stable -- tells us he is in stable condition. police chief testifying about shaping new policing methods. he tweeted this picture of the panel. he was there to present the history of building a community policing policy in richmond. a drop in violent crime over the past 10 years. the police department credits that drop in crime to the programs and partners they have made along the way. in the spirit of
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valentine's day a story that proves love is in the air. literally. how one couple is sharing their love of flying with others who don't share that same love. >> also one lawmaker's plan to get everyone, everyone on a bike in a helmet. >> the friday evening commute. the toll plaza. cars heading into the city. >> a look at interstate 80 near university avenue in berkeley. it is heavy in both directions. especially the community direction. ♪ at kaiser permanente
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new developments in a discovery at a college. a body found on the grounds. police say it may have been a burglary gone wrong. police were called to the life chiropractic college west around 2:00 a.m. this morning. ktvu's ann rubin reports officers found a man's body on the ground. >> reporter: police say what started as a burglary at life chiropractic college west is now being investigated as a homicide. >> a death as a result of a commission of a felony. it is treated as a homicide. >> reporter: two cooks arriving for work about 2:00 a.m. made the discovery. the body of a man lying on the ground. next to it a uhaul used to ram the cafeteria. authorities aren't sure what the thieves were targeting. but something went awry. >> we are not sure how it went
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down. someone else was there. we don't know if the body is someone who is a victim of a homicide or a accident as a result of the burglary. we are encouraging whoever was there to come forward. investigators are looking at surveillance video hoping they caught something. even though ones at businesses did not. >> i don't have anything. yeah. i just have cameras that protect the business. >> while investigators haven't ruled anything out a spokesperson says the crime does not appear to be related to the staff or student body. crews spent the day repairing damages and all classes and appointments were canceled. that left a few people disappointed. including this woman. >> of course i am. it is how it is. i called my doctor.
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she might visit me at home. >> reporter: we found out they have identified the man. he is a 42-year-old from hayward. they aren't releasing his name till next of kin can be notified. a autopsy will take place on tuesday. anyone with information on the case is asked to call police. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the west coast port slow down is causing costs to store for a company that makes a popular project. they have been waiting 3, 4 weeks for the materials it needs to make its bags. they are shipping materials by air which is more expensive but customers won't have to pick up the extra costs. >> you have to eat the cost. you don't want to impact the customer. >> meanwhile they say it is days away from reducing hours
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and laying off workers and people may soon start noticing bear store shelves. adult bicyclists in california would be required to wear helmets under a new bill. the bill would require bicyclists to wear reflective gear at night or face a fine. the number of bicyclists injuries and deaths increased and helmet rules would save lives. >> as long as we will encourage the co-mingling on our streets and -- of different nodes of transportation, i think this is necessary to protect people who choose to ride a bike. >> people against the bill argue it would discourage people from bicycling at all. law requires anyone 18 and under to wear a helmet. new at 6:00 p.m. 1-5 people have a fear of flying. you are about to meet a couple of people who are trying to do
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something about that. ktvu's katie katy eustis -- katy eustis brings us the story. >> reporter: united airlines pilot. >> this is the airbus 320. >> reporter: san francisco international airport. their commute is different than yours. >> he was on my flight as a passengers. >> reporter: he flies 100 more people, if they flew together she has more seniority so he would become the co-captain. >> tells me what to do all day long, why would i go to work and sign up for the same thing. >> reporter: while it is unique, being set up by a co- worker is not so new. >> you call her right now. >> that was 20 years ago.
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>> small airplanes scared me. >> she concord her fear and flying and now they help others do the same. >> i won a trip to the caribbean and i was anxious that i gave up the trip. >> reporter: she attended the fear of flying clinic. >> to the people that had this fear it was vital information. >> participates learn the mechanics of flight. >> to the landing which is gear down. >> reporter: behavioral modification. thousands have benefited from the clinic. >> i have flown all over the world. you know, it is a tremendous impact on my life. >> they prioritize time at home to be with their daughters. >> you don't take your job home with you. >> reporter: their secret to success, love in the air and
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all around. >> we support each other in our careers and our children are number one. >> reporter: katy eustis, ktvu fox 2 news. >> definitely good flying weather today. >> it is. like yesterday another set of records. three records today. one yesterday. we continue with record setting temperatures. dry weather into the bay area weekend. the middle, end of february. you don't expect numbers like this. 75 mountain view. a record. san jose a record. salinas was a record. more numbers around the area. tomorrow -- or know tomorrow's numbers will be like these. this pattern favors areas around the bay to be the warmest. that the how it will be tomorrow and sunday as well. not as warm. the next couple days. but pretty close into the
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weekend. everything going up over the top. military exercises going on off shore. chaff is what they call that. aluminum particles they drop in the atmosphere. radar -- throws off radar. doing exercises off shore. we pick it up because we have a radar. throws the radar off. looks like rain but it isn't. 61 napa. 65 concord. these are right now temperatures. tonight, sitting outside, it will be nice. san francisco, probably sit out on the deck outside, eating dinner, 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. tonight, low 60s. 70s tomorrow. like today. almost the same deal. dry pattern. the long range modelles pulled back on the -- models pulled back on the chance of rain towards the end of the month. wants to go dry. this 5 day will be dry. beyond that this could change.
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some of the models are suggesting a dry period. that would be bad. 73 pittsburg. these are the highs tomorrow for your saturday. sunday would be cooler. good looking weekend. a lot going on this weekend. the beach hazard concerns, a function of having a million people -- two million people so close to the coast line this. warm weekend and everybody wants to go there. makes it more dangerous. be careful when you get out there. >> the sneaker waves -- [ talking at the same time ] >> big gaps. >> we have had to report on those too many times. thank you. tomorrow the department of public works will sell vehicles through an online auction. 11 items for sale on
6:22 pm it begins at midnight tomorrow night. it is part of the effort to make the fleet more green. >> money goes back into vehicle replacement fund to purchase dulc weeks additional vehicle -- additional weeks. >> they have 70 hybrid and electric vehicles. some of the golden state warriors are taking over new york city as all star weekend for the nba gets underway. another gorgeous day on the for instance the at&t pebble beach national pro-am. mark is up next with sports.
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mark is here now. let the fun begin. laugh aththe break. all about -- laughing at the break. all about basketball. >> long time for the golden state warriors. they have the coach. two starters and you know you are big, stan -- steph curry popular in the bay area and now he is nationwide making the late night show circuit.
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>> steph curry. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. steph curry. go right ahead. >> next writer is jonathan adler, voted most likely to call chuck e. cheese the club. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> nice sense of timing there and then the media crush today as steph curry, klay thompson and coach get an idea of how popular they are. everybody wants to know about the team with the best record right now in the nba. >> 42-9 is remarkable record. not something we anticipated. we knew we would win a lot of games because the team has been good last couple years. if we were fortunate enough to stay healthy we thought we would win our safe. probably not this -- share. probably not this money. >> spectacular weather.
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the water off the coast. watching bill murray. not quite the touch on that putt that he wanted i am sure. he is just medicating over there. relaxing. meanwhile mat jones with the birdie. 12 under and tied as the leader. half way through the ewent. that is the sporting -- event. that is the porting life. >> shots are incredible. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great weekend. we will see you tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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al continues. it's been mighty cold in here since "the big chill." what say we warm our hearts by... "st. elmo's fire"? yes! couple of wine coolers and some '80s rob lowe -- i can get into that. i'm still holding out hope i'll have plans tonight. great. two for two. haley? oh, so fun, but i'm gonna have to say no. i have a photography-class thing. what kind of a thing? oh, you know just an exhibit, like, to show our photos. is it something that we should go to? claire we just made plans. mom, this is a college class. i'm not in the third grade. don't you have nap time there? no. i have free periods, during which i sometimes nap. is it me, or was she just being purposefully vague? alex, i want you to go through her stuff and find out about this thing tonight. wait, wait. i-i don't feel good about us snooping. i know. that's why i told a


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